Microfantasy Monday, week 72: the edge

Ang, the Sweltering Celt, has given us our weekly Microfantasy Monday prompt, The Edge, and this is what I was inspired to write.. enjoy

There’s something fascinating about the edges of things.  The margin where forest meets meadow, that transitional space between land and sea,

the edge of a sharp blade, almost silky-soft until you feel the way it’s cutting you, drawing a bright red line, creating an edge where there was continuity

I look for edges, something to break up the smooth, continuous conformity that fills the days

… the edge of ink, peeking from under a sleeve

… the edge of a voice, speaking between the lines

… the edges of her eyes, glancing around corners to see what would go unseen

… the edge of his chin, outlined by the shadow of his pride

… the edge of my body, against hers, separate but so so so together

the middle is restful, the center balanced and well kept

the edges beckon the restless mind, the artistic eye, the hungry belly, the lustful hands

I’ll meet you in the middle… but I’ll pull you to the edge


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