Microfantasy Monday, week 69: Give and Take

Ang, the Sweltering Celt, has given us our weekly Microfantasy Monday prompt, Give and Take, and this is what I was inspired to write.. enjoy

My muscles trembled from the effort of holding the pose.  In plank position, elbows locked but quivering now, I took another deep breath and withdrew into my core, feeling the strength there.   The flogging went on. She‘d hit her stride and was working me from head to foot, and back again, paying special attention to my thighs, ass and the back of my arms.

All the while her voice filled the space between us, coiling and striking with pinpoint accuracy as she mocked my efforts to hold the position.  Even her praise was delivered with the saccharine sweetness that told me she didn’t think I could take much more.

It took me a long moment to realize the flogger had stopped its rhythmic pattern.  She dangled it between my legs, then stroked me from ass to shoulders, all the while crooning her praise, describing the quality and quantity of pink and red marks displayed on my skin.  She praised my strength but questioned how much more I could take, the kind of goad she knew would trigger my stubborn resolve.

“You’ve done so well, boy, but I can see that your arms are about to give out, your face is red… how much more can my boy take, I wonder?” She put her sharply heeled boot on my lower back and pressed lightly downward, the flogger resting across my shoulder.  I firmed up my stance, drawing more resolve from my core, digging deeply, consciousness centering there, coiling, waiting.  She pressed harder and my right elbow buckled, and though I caught myself, she laughed in loud triumph, “Ohhhhh, yes, boy.. you’re going to have to give up eventually and admit defeat.”

I knew she was right, I was going to collapse soon, especially since she was pressing that damned heel harder into my back.  She continued to humiliate me a with a sugary sweet delivery that infuriated me, as she knew it would.  She seemed expectant, perhaps believing that I’d just collapse there, rolling over on my back in defeat and submission.  Did she know there was another possibility?

I suddenly turned my body, grabbing the flogger and pulling hard.  She stumbled, her boot heel gouging my back.  As she pulled back on the flogger, I looked up to see fear flare in her eyes before it was replaced by anger.  I released the flogger suddenly and she staggered backward. I sprang up from the floor, feeling strength uncoiling from my core, shoving her backward onto the bed.  My hips slammed between her legs as I grabbed her wrists, twisting them brutally while she shouted in pain and protest, promising brutal punishment as a reward for my misbehavior.

I was on her, pressing myself between her legs.  She was thrashing around, trying to fight me off.  I knew better than to get too close to her teeth, so I leaned down and bit into her upper arm.  She screamed in pain and grew still, her eyes narrowed.  Her face was a study in contrasts:  anger, lust, excitement, fear.. but the excitement and lust were winning her over.

“You’ll pay for this, boy, don’t think you’ll get away with it …” her hips pressed against me, rubbing against my cock… “such a bad boy, fighting his Sir… ”  her head rolled back and she gasped … ” bad.. mmmmmm.. bad.. boy…”

“Yes, Sir, you will punish your boy, and I will accept that punishment gladly…”  I leaned down and took her lips between my teeth, working my hips against her “just as soon as I’m done with you… “

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