Half-Nekkid Thursday: close ups

For a couple of people living hundreds of miles apart, we see a lot of each other. Webcams and photographs give us face time and link us across the miles.   This picture was taken when we were last together, and I love how relaxed Roxy is, the smile, the look in her eye.  I know what it feels like to put my lips on her lips, to stroke her cheek, to lean in and brush her forehead with my mouth.

This picture reminds me of being with her.  It makes me smile a lot.


Wow, I have lots of freckles. That’s the first thing that hits me about this picture. Looking more closely, however, I see other things… her knee peeking up behind my arm… the morning light coming through the window, reflected on the walls.. I remember how it feels to lie there on her, my head on her chest.. warm, safe, loved.

Thank you, Roxy, for capturing our love and intimacy in pictures.

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