Butchtastic First Birthday Contest entries: PaganKelly, sculpture

My apologies for taking so long to post this.. I lost track.. thanks for the reminder, Kelly.

There were two ways to enter my Butchtastic First Birthday Contest.  The entrant could write a story about meeting me or send me a pussy sculpture.  PaganKelly did both and then she went the extra mile and sent me the male analog sculpture.

First, the Cunt o’ Towels… note the hood piercing detail…


.. and now, Dick Towel.. or is it Towel Dick


Thank you, PK, for your sharing your artistic talent with us.  I’m sure we’ll all be eternally grateful.

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2 Responses to Butchtastic First Birthday Contest entries: PaganKelly, sculpture

  1. Roxy says:

    Oh, wow, those are awesome, and I love the piercing. 🙂

  2. pagankelly says:

    LMFAO i forgot how funny they were!!! when i showed #hubbs he just couldn’t wait for me to try and make the entire towel body…which i’m still trying to do!!

    glad you enjoyed it, Kyle!!! and Ms. Roxy, i’m glad you liked it as well!!!

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