The Lezzies

Wow.  I’m seriously surprised by this:  I’ve been nominated for a 2010 Lezzy.  In fact, I received nominations in two categories:  parenting blog and personal blog.

The Lezzys are awards given by The Lesbian Lifestyle to blogs by Lesbians.  For a list of all the categories and information on nomination and voting, check out this page.  Nominations are accepted until midnight on February 22nd and voting runs from that point onward to March 2nd.  You can nominate more than once, but only once per blog per category in a 24  hour period and the same rules apply to voting.

Go check it out, nominate your favorite Lesbian blogs and come back later in the month to vote.

And to the anonymous fan(s) who nominated me.. thank you, very much.  I’ll do my best to keep doing what you like me doin.

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