soft voice, sharp knife

The other day, on twitter, I gave my darling girl a bit of the topping she so desperately needs:


Roxy:   Mmmm…baby, you’d look hot with a phaser. Grrrowrrrrr

Roxy:   Set your phaser on stun, baby, make me come along nicely.. 😉

Kyle:   oh, I’ll stun you all right.. and take you back to my quarters

Roxy:   Dammit! You KNOW I get nonverbal when I’m turned on! 1309458oasidfj;alkdlkzncv;oaisuerk;hasdfl/kj

Kyle:   well, darlin girl, you won’t need words.. once I have you in my restraints.. your body will tell me everything I need to know

Roxy:  I am SO AMAZINGLY LUCKY! Whoo hooo! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Roxy:   *Trying not too giggle happily while I pretend to struggle against the restraints*

Kyle:   I know.. exactly what I was thinking.. we should have taken your clothes off before I got you all locked down.. *taking out my knife*

Roxy:   *Weakly, with a big grin* Er…let me go?

Kyle:   heh heh heh.. not a chance of letting you go, sweet girl.. you’ve got some needs and I can meet them.. you’re not leaving until I do

Roxy:   Whoo hoo! *Ahem* I mean, oh, no, oh, somebody save me! *Wriggling happily*

Kyle:   ** holding the cloth of your shirt up slightly and putting the point of my knife through it, right above your breast …

Roxy:   *Gasping as my eyes roll back*

Kyle:   ** slicing into your shirt until two slits open up to reveal your beautiful breasts and hard nipples

Roxy:   *Starting to growl*

Kyle:   *lightly brushing your nipples with the dull side … * hold still girl.. wouldn’t want any accidents

Roxy:   *Panting lightly as I try to stay still, staring into your eyes with a wicked grin and an arched eyebrow*

Kyle:   that’s right.. hold still and be a good girl *scrapping a little harder at your nipples..

Kyle:   *then reaching into your shirt and squeezing your breast hard

Roxy: *Mouth open, silent screams as my face twists up in pain*

Kyle: ** grinning maliciously,I lean down and take your lower lip into my mouth, then bite down on it, swallow your cry of pain

Roxy:  *Wincing and then growling at you and biting back with a smile*

Kyle:   oooh.. *pulling back and slapping you* sassy feisty girl, aren’t you?

Kyle:   ** stepping back, I hold my knife up again, letting you see the edge, the light bouncing off it.. then stepping forward again

Roxy:  *Feeling the adrenaline surge as I see the light glint off the steel, breathing hard as my eyes beg/challenge you for more*

Kyle: *moving forward quickly, I grab your shorts, pulling them away from your body** hope these weren’t your favorites

Kyle: **laughing** not that I care.. they’re in my way

Roxy: HEY! Dammit, now I have to go shopping. I HATE shopping. *Spitting in your face*

Kyle: oh ho ho.. look at you, so much fight, so much defiance.. guess I need to do something about that

Kyle: *grabbing your shirt again, I pull hard, tearing it further, then slide my blade up under the collar.. whispering ** don’t move..

Roxy: *Head back, shuddering as the knife slides along my skin, whispering with defiance*  Bite me

Kyle: ** slowly and deliberately I cut through the collar, pulling it away from your body and wiping your spit off my face

Kyle: so, girl, what punishment should you get for that? such defiance.. I don’t think you deserve to be bitten.. yet

Kyle: *reaching forward quickly, I take your jaw in my hand, squeezing tightly.. *** answer me, girl!

Roxy: *Laughing* You know…we could switch places and I’d show you… 😉

Kyle: oh, you’d like that.. but no, not your turn yet ** bringing my hand up, I back hand first one breast, then the other.. over and over

Roxy: *My smile fades as your hand hits my breasts and I cry out in pain*

Roxy: arrrrrrrRRRRGGGGGHHHH Dammit! *wincing and struggling against the cuffs*

Kyle: alright now, where were we? oh yes.. these pesky shorts….

Kyle: ** reaching down again, I pull your shorts away from your body, cutting through the waist band and down…

Roxy: *Catching my breath as you run the knife against my skin*

TracyReneeJones  RT @Roxy: @ButchtasticKyle *My smile fades as your hand hits my breasts and I cry out in pain* (blushes…..pulls shade)


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