Reviewing SportSheets SuperCuffs

Sometimes reviewing sex toys is a rather solitary activity and there are plenty of toys that don’t require much more than some alone time to test thoroughly.  However, there are other toys and implements that really don’t make much sense unless you have a special friend to help you.

So it was that I received the SportSheets SuperCuffs from TabuToys months ago, during a time period where I didn’t have any special friends available to help me review them.  Recently I had the opportunity to try them out with Roxy at the Edges dungeon in the Bay Area.  Clearly, this was better than me trying them out solo.  This is the first of three product reviews conducted that night.

We used them on the cross and with my wrists clipped to the swing.  Roxy’s experience was invaluable to this review as she pointed out the pluses and minuses of their construction.  Here are our conclusions:

The Good:  the SportSheets SuperCuffs are easy to get into and secure.  The neoprene lining is pretty comfy, though if you get moving much in them, the Velcro strip edges can begin to rub against skin in an irritating way (imagine pulling against them as I was doing, eventually the rougher edge is going to get to you).

The Bad:  the SportSheets SuperCuffs are not as easy to get out of quickly –which is a safety concern for more hardcore scenes — because of the way the straps wrap all the way around the cuffs, secured by Velcro.  It’s the double-locking system touted by the manufacturer that could slow things down.  The neoprene lined cuff is tightened and secured by Velcro and the an outer strap is wrapped around the cuff and also secured by Velcro, none of which can come apart quickly.  An individual person, cuffed to separate points, would not be able to uncuff themselves.

Final Judgement:  the SportSheets SuperCuffs are good for beginners, perhaps, who won’t use them in hardcore scenes that may require quick release.  They are relatively inexpensive ($36.40 currently), which again, is a plus if you’re just checking them out and not sure you’ll use them a lot.  Good for cuffing your lover’s hands behind his/her back, or clipping to the headboard, but probably not for use in dungeon scenes.   If you find you’re really into cuffing/being cuffed, you’ll probably want to bump up to something a bit easier to release and more comfortable for long use.  I highly recommend something lined with a faux fur, perhaps the Leather Wrist Restraints from TabuToys (haven’t tried them myself yet), but at $52, a pretty good deal for good quality cuffs.

I’m awarding the SportSheets SuperCuffs 3 boots out of 6.


Disclaimer:  I don’t receive payment for reviewing Tabu Toys products, but I do get to keep everything I review.  I’m under no pressure to provide positive reviews and I promise to give you the truth about each product as I see it.


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