Microfantasy Monday, week 67: Furniture

This week’s Microfantasy Monday theme is Furniture.  This is the second serving of this theme, the first was back in week 11.  Hell, I could probably write smut involving furniture every week and it wouldn’t be the same twice.  I do love perverting my surroundings.

I reached the hotel first, as we’d planned.  I checked in and began preparing for her arrival.  I brought in the fresh flowers, loaded the small fridge with her favorite refreshments and her metal paddle.   Her BDSM bag was placed within the small seating area.  I stripped down and folded my clothes neatly into one of the dresser drawers.  And then I knelt on the floor to wait for her.

As I waited, my eyes traveled over the room, double-checking the details, attempting to see it through her eyes.  I lingered over the padded ottoman, smiling slightly, imagining how she’d use it.  I imagined it becoming  spanking bench, it was low enough for me to kneel over.  She’d cuff me, wrapping the chain around its short wooden legs.  My eyes glazed over as I gave myself over to the vision.  I was stretched over the ottoman, legs apart, exposed to her. First the flogger, stroking me lightly then striking me with a thud.  She’d work her way from my feet, between my legs, seeking out those places that would make me moan with pleasure and pain.  She’d pick up her paddle, mercilessly cold, heavy, metal that she enjoyed so much.   She might start by rubbing it against my ass, between my legs, chuckling as the cold shocked me, made me lurch away in spite of myself.  I could feel myself grow wet imagining the way her hands would caress me, pinching the red, painful welts she created, the way her voice deepened and croon, covering me with sweet, thick love.

I was so lost in my reverie, I jumped when the door signaled her arrival.

Much thanks to Ang at the Sweltering Celt for bringing us Microfantasy Monday themes each week.

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