Microfantasy Monday, week 66: Public Places

Ang, the Sweltering Celt, has given us our weekly Microfantasy Monday prompt, Public Places.  Hmmmm, Public Places, one of my favorite kinks but something I discovered relatively recently.

As we stood, leaning against each other, on the platform, the group of people waiting for the subway grew until people were queued up on the stairway leading down.  We were riding the subway back from the burlesque show, and it promised to be a cozy ride.  We pushed ourselves on with the throng, she was able to grab pole, I opted to hold onto her.  I braced myself for departure, widening my stance and holding tight around her waist.  The fact that I was straddling her hip probably went almost unnoticed, as everyone was forced into contact with their neighbor.  This was the sardine can experience I’d seen on TV, the stereotypical NYC subway ride.

I hunched my hips slightly, so that my cock could make itself known to her.  Her eyes widened slightly, then narrowed.  She slid one hand between us, palming my cock then giving it a squeeze.   She held my cock and looked me right in the eyes.   I knew that look, she was challenging me, daring me to stop her.  I became extremely aware of the people around us, the pressure of the guy behind me, who’s shoulder blades were against mine.. the older woman seated nearby who kept glancing up at us in barely concealed disapproval.  I returned her gaze and smiled, accepting her dare.

She worked her fingers under my cock, finding my clit and with the subtlest of movements, pressed the seam of my jeans against me.   I stared into her eyes, willing myself not to react visibly to my growing wetness, the way my clit was swelling and hardening under her touch.  The subway car jolted to one side, throwing me into her, her hand pinned between my clit and her thigh.  My eyes closed for a moment, and when I opened them she was smiling at me, that knowing grin that communicates her love, lust and power over me.  I returned her smile with a goofy post orgasmic grin and leaned forward to kiss her.

She put her lips against my ear, causing a happy shudder to run through my body, “That was wonderful, love, I enjoyed that very much… so did a couple of our travel companions” and she pointed to her right with an eyebrow.

I glanced quickly in the direction she indicated and then looked away just as quickly, blushing and hiding my face in her hair, giggling and happy.

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