too hungry

I’m hungry.. too hungry to wait.. she stalks up, on those heels, clicking down the street, bearing down on me, the look on her face makes me burn, everywhere, for her.. she moves imperatively, like fingers snapping, I’d love to hit pause so I could just look at her, stare and absorb every feature, every flexing muscle, the streetlight glow in her hair, streaming behind her.  I’d like to, but she won’t allow it, there is no pause-stop-wait-no!  There is only go-now-here-yes!

I match her look with one of my own, who’s the predator and who’s the prey?  neither and both, we’re well-matched, muscle to muscle, mouth to gasping mouth, breath to heaving breath.. she pushes, I give way, for the moment, opening, inviting, welcoming.. her warm seeking fingers will have their way.. my hot flexing thigh will find its target, soon there’ll be no distance you could measure between us

the heat, the hunger, the need, distance is only an amplifier

come to me, make me your bitch, I’ll be your stud

come to me, meet my heat with your own

come to me, feed my hunger and I’ll feed yours

come to me, love me, let me love you

hunger, need, love, heat, flex, strike, stroke, taste, be, feel, do, have

you, me, us

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3 Responses to too hungry

  1. Roxy says:

    Oh, lover, yes. Yes, yes – you, me, us, strike, stroke, taste.

    You fill my hunger and leave me gasping for air.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…you beautiful sexy god. Here, now, I need you…I’m too desperate to wait another moment.

  2. Blazer says:

    Dude, you two are so hot together and I am so happy that you share that heat with us all.

  3. Lyn says:

    Extremely hot… the heat from the screen is nearly scorching my fingertips as I type…

    When I get ready to publish, I’ll make sure you’re on my ‘blurb writers’ list .. glad you enjoyed it – K

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