Half-Nekkid Thursday : more than half

Time spent with Roxy is quite often more than half-nekkid time.

See that grin?  I put that there.  I love the way we enjoy each other and I love the ease we feel when we’re together.  This is a very cool picture, I think, and it shows a little of how her mind works.  She sees angles and compositions as they happen and is driven to capture them.   As an artist, she’s always striving to get the image her eyes see, regardless the shortcomings of the equipment.

She used to worry that her picture taking obsession bothered me, used to apologize, but it doesn’t bother me at all, I love it.   Her passion for photography has given us a precious gift, a steady stream of memories we can revisit for the rest of our lives.


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photo credit:  another stroke of genius from the lens of Roxy.

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