2009 Lezzy Awards, for your consideration

Yesterday I told you all that I’d been nominated for a Lezzy in two categories, parenting and personal.  Of course, I’d love it if you’d consider piling up some additional nominations on my behalf and consider voting for me, however, there are other great blogs worth considering.   Top three nominees in each category make it to the voting round, which is why multiple nominations are important (make sure to click on the link in the email response you get when you make a nomination, or else it won’t count).

New Blogs You May Not Know About

She called me Superman:  exploration of gender, butchness, nominated for a 2010 Best New Blog Lezzy

How to be Butch:  sometimes very humorous ruminations on the meaning of butchness, nominated for a 2009 Best New Blog Lezzy

The Sartorial Butch:  blogging about butch fashion, observations on world through butch eyes and very helpful cooking tips

I’m always interested in increasing my blogroll of butch blogs, please recommend any that you especially enjoy.


Blogs That Have Been Around for Awhile and Are Still Cool and Happenin

Just Like Jesse James:  self-professed faggy butch writing about life, love and Cher, nominated for 2009 Lezzys in the personal and humor blog categories and a fellow PacNW dweller

Scintillectually Yours:  hot stories and funny, very informative sex toy reviews, one of my best online friends, nominated for a 2009 Best Lesbian Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog Lezzy award

GR-E.G: life, love, fashion and humor and one of the sweetest people you could ever meet

PackingVocals: hot butch who writes smut and posts about gender, someone I’d love to down some pints with

Femme Fairy Godmother:  another of my favorite online friends, offering her advice on life, love and yummy food preparation

AlphaFemme:  femme blogger, nominated for a 2009 Lezzy in the personal blog category

EssinEm:  queer, activist, educated, educator, sex-toy reviewer, adult entertainment participant and consumer, and so much more, nominated for 2009 Lezzy in the Sex/Short Story/Erotic blog category.

Perennial Favorites

Last, but not least, we have multi-Lezzy Award Winning SugarButch Chronicles, who will certainly be in the running for a Best Lesbian Sex/Short Story/Erotica Blog this year



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