Under 100….

In under 100 hours,  I’ll be with Roxy and our excitement is at a fever pitch.  We’ve got plans, places to go, things to do, new experiences to have together.

My emotions are running from sweet/mushy to fiery/explosive…. I’m very, very wanty for her.   Along with the wanty comes the bitey.  There’s a place at the base of her neck, where it joins her shoulders, and my teeth ache to close down on her flesh, let her know how much I want her, need her.

She’s had me on orgasm restriction since last Friday (the usual) and is finding more and more divinely demonic ways to torment me .. knowing by the time I step off the plane Friday night, I’m going to be bearing down on her with an expression like this one on my face.

One of her torments is the diagnostic she insists I run every day.  She’s been doing this every time since.. well, almost the beginning.  She insists that she’s concerned about my G-spot.  Maybe she’s been reading the G-spot naysayers, but mostly she just wants to keep me at the peak of horniness.  So starting a week ahead of my visit, while on orgasm restriction, I have to reach in and find my G-spot, then report my findings back to her.  This time she added a twist, something she knows will make it even harder for me to resist going farther, going too far.  She gave me a glass dildo a while ago, and it has become my go-to orgasm implement.  It’s also Her cock.  Her representative in my cunt when I’m away from her.  So this week, instead of checking my G-spot with my fingers, she’s having me check with Her cock.  Yes, the instrument of near instant orgasm is being used to ‘check’ for the existence and ongoing health of my G-spot — and I have to do it WITHOUT making me come.

Have I pointed out before what an evil genius she is? Oh, but wait, there’s more.  Today, during our lunch time phone call, she wanted me to check, with her cock, while telling her a story about a boy and his Sir, while she got off, vocally, in my ear.  And that, my friends, caused more than one close call during that time period.  The pressure of the cock head against my G-spot + telling a hot sexy story + listening to her come == almost coming.  Damn, is she not insidious?  Yes, she is and deliciously so.

She’s a sumptious feast of a woman, she’s so many things to me:  best friend, lover, partner, muse, coach, Sir, girl, sweet fun wonderful companion.  She makes me think, she challenges me to be a better person, she inspires my writing, she coaches me through hard days.  She is one of the best people I have ever known and I’m insanely lucky to have her in my life, much less to be so intimately involved with her.

This visit will include my first visit to a dungeon and she’s promised me a night I won’t ever forget.  I’m sure the experience will challenge my self-proclaimed label of ‘exhibitionist’ — can I really perform fully in front of others, stripped bare and laid open as never before?  She’s the only one I’d want to take this virgin voyage with.  I trust her completely and hope I can trust myself to let go and give in.  Before we go, she’ll be collaring me and we’ve been talking about what that means to us and how to mark that occasion.   I know by the end of the night, with collar and leash, flogger and paddle, her hands everywhere, tormenting me, drawing every orgasm she can out of me, I will be Hers.  On my knees, on my back, across a bench or wherever She chooses.   I’ll do it all for that touch of hers, the whispered words of encouragement and praise, the love she pours all over me.

I am Hers, and she is Mine.  The bond goes both ways, our orbit becomes tighter as time goes on.  She’ll have her turn on knees, too, or bent over the bed, or pressed against the wall.   My fingers full of her hair, her head bent back, waiting to receive me.  What we have is a beautiful thing, full and ripe, growing everyday.

It’s almost time, I can barely sit still.   And as the week goes on, I’m hoping my increasingly turned on condition doesn’t result in me sliding right out of my seat.


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