Half-Nekkid Thursday: togetherness

Cool light pattern + intertwined fingers = cool picture with warm, fuzzy overtones and hints of smooshiness.



Happy HNT from the land of love-saturated, mushy romantics who also occasionally fuck like bunnies and do perverted things in public places.

In other words, me and Roxy.

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photo credit:  another stroke of genius from the lens of Roxy.

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5 Responses to Half-Nekkid Thursday: togetherness

  1. Roxy says:

    I love that we can be smushy romantics one moment and fucktastic bunny perverts the next. Thank you, baby, for living the daydreams with me.

  2. SilverDreams says:

    You guys make me feel all squishy inside!

  3. pixie says:

    thats beautiful 🙂

  4. jekandhyd says:

    Brilliant pic, great sentiment

  5. Elle says:

    Your land sounds like a fun one 😉

    Cute picture!

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