Half-Nekkid Thursday : and in the end….

At the very end of our time together, during our adventure to NYC and back, Roxy and I were sitting in a food court at SFO.  I need to write that chapter of the story because it was strange and surreal and I was completely wacked out of my head from exhaustion and lack of proper calorie intake.  Luckily, I wasn’t alone, or I might still be wandering aimlessly around that airport, wondering how to get home, or at least, how to get a nap.

After I had my boarding pass for the flight home to Seattle, and had gotten within strolling distance of security, Roxy guided me to the food court and made sure I was properly hydrated and nourished.   These are a couple of the pictures she took while we stretched out the time we had left.

We experienced most of the known emotions in those last minutes.  We were giddy, exhausted, high on each other, sad but trying to avoid being too sad, goofy from too little sleep and full from so many experiences.  We were also really happy and grateful to have the time we did have together.  We never take it for granted and always feel lucky even though parting is so damned hard.


Did I mention how tired we were?


and in the End,

the love you take,

is equal to the Love,

you make


Happy New Year and Happy HNT everyone :-) .  May your 2010 be filled with joy, love, sex and satisfaction.

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