Quiet and Still

(Ed:  this piece inspired Roxy to write a response post, The Naked Truth)

I came back into the room and see you lying there, gloriously naked, checking your phone for messages.  You’re curled away from me, and my eyes trace your body hungrily.  It’s my turn now.

I get up on the bed and you turn toward me, smiling, happy, proud, knowing.  You’ve worked me hard today, pushing me to my edge and pulling me back, over and over again.  I came so many times, I finally had to raise the white flag.  You love that, love to finish me off like that, to claim such complete victory and dominance over me.

And now, as I stare down at you with a small, tight smile, yours disappears.  You’re suddenly nervous, glancing from side to side as if considering your escape routes.  I chuckle and my smile grows.

“That’s right, girl, I’m here now.”

I reach down and take the phone out of your hand, placing it on the side table.  You’re looking at me with huge eyes but say nothing.  I straddle your hips, cock pushing against your belly.  Your hands fly out as if trying to escape but I capture them easily.  For a moment, we stare at each other.  Your eyes roam over my body, cataloging the bite marks and other evidence of your previous dominance of me, hours of paddles and fucking, flogging and stroking.  Suddenly it flares up in you again, the desire to throw me over, take control.  I see it in your eyes just before you plant a foot and attempt to twist your body and throw me down.  I grip your wrists more tightly, and press my weight down on them while bracing myself to prevent your hips from moving.

I lean down and bite your shoulder, hard and fast.  You cry out and I sit up again, looking coldly into your eyes.

“Stop it, right now.  Quiet yourself, girl.”

You take a deep breath interrupted by a sob and nod, tears in your eyes.  I raise my eyebrows,”What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry, Sir, please, I’ll be good”, but then an impish smile sneaks onto your lips.  You can’t help yourself, you’re not going to give in easily and that’s fine, I love my rebellious girl.

“You will be quiet and still for me.  Do you understand?”

You allow your smile to grow, I can see what you’re thinking, we’ve played this game before.  You answer, “I understand.”

I raise my eyebrows again, my eyes and smile growing colder, “Excuse me?”

There is a flicker of recognition in your eyes, you drop your smile and lower your eyes, “I understand, Sir.”  Even then, your hips betray your inner struggle with a small pulse.  Now it’s my turn to smile, I have you exactly where I want you.

“That’s better.  Quiet and still… ” I release one wrist and place a finger tip against your throat, pressing only slightly against your Adam’s apple before running it down your body, slowly, watching your face intently.  You hold still until I pass your belly button and then you gasp and flex your hips, only slightly, but enough.  My fingertip stops and my hand is suddenly holding your throat.  Your eyes grow wide again and I see some fear in them.  “Do I have your attention?”

“Yes, Sir”,  you whisper against the restriction of my hand.

“Good.  Do you understand what I mean when I say you must be quiet and still?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand.”

“You said that before and yet you disobeyed.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, please I’ll be good”, there’s just the slightest whimper in your voice and it makes me smile a little.

“Yes, you will be good for me because if you do not keep your body and your voice quiet for me, I will stop touching you.  I will not fuck you and you will not come”  I pause, letting the consequences sink in.  “Do you want me to touch you, girl?”

“Ohgodyes, please, Sir” there’s no hedging now, you’re being sincere and gorgeous in your need for me. “Please, Sir, I’ll be a good girl, please touch me, Sir, ple..”

“That’s enough”, I say it in a quiet, firm voice and you stop abruptly.  I lean down and kiss you, savoring your sweet mouth for a moment.  “That’s my good girl.”   The smile on your face as you absorb my praise makes my cock throb.

I loosen my grip on your throat, leaning down to softly kiss the faint marks I’ve made in that short time.  I can feel your body sigh its pleasure, but you remain quiet and still.  I murmer “good girl” as I continue to follow the path my fingertip took, this time with my lips.  When I reach the lower edge of your sternum, I lick back upward along your breastbone and to the underside of your jaw.  I feel a slight shudder and your breath becomes ragged.  I look at your face, eyes squeezed shut in concentration, and feel the way you ball your hands into fists.

I chuckle softly against your neck and turn my attention to your nipples, hardened already even without direct attention.  I sweep my tongue around one, a fingertip around another.  I stop for a moment, and allow you to calm yourself.  I can feel your need, feel it as if your hand were around my cock, pulling me into you.  I continue with my tongue and fingers, sucking and pulling increasing the intensity and pressure.  I take you almost to the boiling point and stop again.  Your eyes are squeezed tightly and you’re struggling to keep your breathing even.

“Open your eyes, look at me, sweet girl”  softly, with almost a purr, I bring you back to the present, from wherever you have taken yourself to find control.  Your eyes open, and you look around a bit wildly at first, a chaos of emotions visible in them.  “Right here, little one”  I urge you to look into my eyes, to find me and, thereby, find yourself.  “That’s it.  Tell me how you are feeling.”

Your words trip over themselves, held back for long moments and now free to come forward but unable to fully organize into sentences.  “Ohgod, Sir, your hands, your lips.. tongue… mmmm you feel .. good, need you.. please Sir, please..”  Your hips also want to express themselves and I shift downward, so that I’m between your legs, not straddling them.  I place my palm against your belly, just above your thrusting mound and press downward gently. “Not yet, sweet one, not yet.”

You become still again, the promise in my voice enough to remind you of the reward for behaving.  I move to lie next to you, one hand twining into your hair, one resting on your pubic mound.  My lips find yours and for a few moments, I let you dig into my mouth, your hunger so strong it pulls a deep groan from me and you lean back against the pillow, smiling.  I compose my face again and give you a warning look.

“Would you like me to touch you some more?”

“Yes, Sir, please I would, please Sir, I need you, I’ll be good, I promise.”

“I know you will.  You’ve been such a good girl for me, now I want to hear you, I want you to let me hear how much you enjoy what I’m doing, tell me how it makes you feel.  Be as loud as you want but do not move and do not come until I give you permission.”

I see it again, a slight flair of frustration and anger, and I respond with a knowing smile,”Yes, dearest one, I know you don’t like it, but you’ll do it for me, won’t you?”

“Yes, Sir”, comes out of slightly gritted teeth, betraying your emotions and I cock an eyebrow at you.  You take a moment and try again,  “Yes, Sir, anything you ask, I’ll do it, please touch me, Sir, please.”

“Good girl”  I deliver that with a kiss to your forehead before turning my attention to the hand on your pussy.

I start with a squeeze, then massage you, pulling and kneeding, pressing the heel of my hand against your clit. Your moans are music to my ears.  At the same time, I dip down to take a nipple into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue.  I scrape my teeth against the hardened ripples.  Your hands grip the sheets and your body shudders but you manage to keep yourself almost still.  I reward you by sliding my fingers inside your outer lips, squeezing your swollen clit.

“Oh god oh god Sirrrrrr.. oh nnggggggggg… pleeease..”

“Please what, girl?”

“Sir, please, I need you .. inside me Sir.. oh goddd…”

“Oh, do you?  And if I grant you that request, you’ll be able to stay still for me?”

“Sir.. I don’t know.. I want to .. please, Sir, let me try.”

“Mmmmm.. my gorgeous, sexy, horny girl.. yes, dear one, I’ll let you try”,  You are so wet that my finger slides in easily and your hips buck against me once before you hold them still. “Good girl.. that’s my good, good girl… you are so wet and hot and you feel so good wrapped around me.”

You groan and grimace and struggle to hold yourself still as I push and probe inside you, running my thumb in a circle around our clit. I watch your face intently, your eyes pressed shut again, your mouth half open.  You’re getting close and judging by the throbbing behind my cock, I am too.

Again, I stop abruptly and pull out of you.  Your eyes fly open, full of protest and I meet your groan of frustration with a kiss,  “Be still.”

I can tell you won’t take much more of this and grab your blue buzzy toy off the side table, pumping a generous amount of lube into my other hand.  Positioning myself between your legs again, I stroke lube onto my cock and put the buzzy toy on your belly.

“I want you to come with me, baby girl.  Get your toy and prepare to take my cock.”

Your hands almost blur as you quickly position the vibrator against your clit and click through the settings.  My cock head rests at the opening of your cunt.  You begin to moan and thrust, trying to wiggle yourself onto my dick.  Rolling your hips up a little, I push inside you and immediately feel your heat.  All of the torment you’ve put up with has opened you up and your hunger consumes me.  We rock together, our voices rising, breath panting.  The heat behind my cock builds up quickly and you wrap your legs around my hips, urging me deeper.  No longer Sir and girl, our bodies merge as we climax together.  You shudder and cry out, my groan turns into a growl and then a shout as I finish deep inside you, digging my toes in and pulling at the mattress.  I move to kiss you and you come again, a powerful aftershock.  I hold onto you as you thrash your way through it, kissing your face as you finally relax.

Gently, I pull out of you and you protest a little, but now I want to hold you, curl you up and wrap myself around you.  “My sweet, sweet girl… you are so beautiful, so sexy… thank you for giving yourself to me, sweet one.”

You reach a hand back to my head, running your fingers through my hair, murmering happy, nonsensical things.  I know you’ll be asleep soon and I settle myself against you, feeling the afternoon sun through the window and the total contentment of having pleased you, whom I love so deeply.

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