moment suspended

this started out as a sort of poem written in a moment when I was missing Roxy and imagining being with her.  When she read it, she had what she called a ‘poetic dialog’ with this piece, included below in blue.

You’re standing at the window, looking out, watching the birds perhaps.

The world seems brighter when you’re here.

The simple pleasure of being in the same room with you is almost overwhelming.

This feels so good, I want to save the moment in my hands.

I walk up behind you, quickly, quietly.  One arm goes around your waist, open palm caressing your belly, pulling you against me.

Your touch is electric, your hands strong and gentle.

I hear you sigh and lean into me.  Every contact point between us, intense.


groin to ass.


belly to lower back.

We were made to fit like this.

breasts to shoulder blades.

and now,

Mmmmm, my love

my other hand brushes your hair aside


my lips against your shoulder, your neck

a shock, a shudder, a sigh

You press against me, not the urgent need of our reunion moment, but a slower, gentler desire, a desire that will take its time.

sliding into place

lean into me, my love

letting down walls

feel my desire, feel my patience

two heartbeats

know my heart, know my soul

rhythms dancing

a moment suspended, no outside pressure, no need beyond holding you

nothing but you and me

knowing you

and falling

feeling you


loving you

into love

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