Microfantasy Monday, week 59: cyber

Every week a group of bloggers looks to Ang, the Sweltering Celt, for our Microfantasy Monday prompt.  This week she’s given us a choice, Sexting or Cyber.  I chose the latter.  Thank you, Ang, for continuing to provide us with inspiration.  And thank you to all the participants for making this so much fun.

I’m slumped down in my seat, eyes narrowed with my fingers poised over the keyboard.  I could feel the blood throbbing in my loins, maybe too much, I almost had tunnel vision, my eyes tightly focused on a small window on my screen, waiting for the next words to appear.  What would she say in response?

her: *I slide down the wall, landing at your feet* No, please, No!

Oh perfect.. goddamn…

me: *I grab a fist full of your hair and wrench your head back, forcing your face into my crotch, snarling*  Oh, this is gonna happen little girl, you might as well relax and enjoy yourself

her:  *my voice muffled* Oh, god, please don’t hurt me!

me: *evil chuckle* I can’t promise that, girl.. now open your mouth and get ready for me *I finish unbuckling my belt and pull my buttons apart quickly.  Pulling your face forward again, against my hard cock*

You want this don’t you?

her:  NO! Let me go!  *reaching up I scratch at your hand and arm, trying to get you to let go of my hair*

me: *jerking your head back sharply, I slap your face, hard, and keep my hand up, ready to back hand you* *growling* You’d better settle down, or you are gonna get hurt.

Didn’t you ask me not to hurt you?  You’d better show me what you can do for me, since you’re asking favors.. *I glare down at you, waiting*

her:  *with a sob* oh, god .. please, don’t hurt me, I’ll do what you want *looking up with tears in my eyes*

me: *slight smile at the corner of my mouth* yes, I know you will, little one.. now, tell me *pushing my briefs down, exposing my drooling cockhead* do you want this?

Just then, voices outside my cubicle jerk me back to the present .. my co-workers are back from their meeting, dammit!!  I can see her typing her response, and I know it’s gonna be soo damned good.  I type a quick intercept, knowing I may only have seconds to alt-tab away.

Sorry, baby, they’re back.. pick it back up in a little bit?

I alt-tab away, revealing a screen of code and lean back in my chair, reaching down to test my jeans for leakage, mmhmm.. very damp.. gonna have to sneak out to the truck and rub one out soon.

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