Half-Nekkid Thursday : year end wrap up

The official theme for HNT today is ‘favorite HNT of the year’ but I could not pick just one.  Instead, I’ve chosen a small selection spanning the year.  This was a very big year for me and my family.


In January, Roxy and I met for the first time, spending a weekend together getting to know each other better through hot sex, hot kisses and great conversation.

This picture was taken in that first hotel room, after we’d gone out for dinner and dancing.  After she’d gotten me partially undressed, she stopped suddenly, stepped back and grabbed her camera.  Her eyes had a fire in them that was entirely different from the lusty heat I’d seen moments before.  She told me to stay where I was, adjusted a couple things and then shot a few pictures.

That’s the moment I knew she was going to be different from anyone else I’d ever loved.  Her passion for photography was just as attractive to me as her sexy body and hot kisses.  I quickly grew accustomed to her camera being a part of our encounters, learned how to hold a pose, learned how to help her compose the shot.  Her passion for capturing the moment has created an easy to read timeline of our year together.  Each picture tells a story, brings up a host of memories and reminds me how far she and I have come in such a short amount of time.

The biggest change of life event occurred in late July when my second child was born.  This little baby girl has added so much joy and excitement and fun to our lives, and even with the additional responsibilities, less sleep, and less time for adult pursuits, I wouldn’t return her for all the cash in the world.  When I get home and that chunky monkey hears my voice and lights up and starts reaching for me.. well, I’m the happiest guy on the planet.




Looking back on my HNTs of 2009, I can see the progression from H to almost all N.. skin is the predominant feature.  Here’s one of my very favorite shots, featuring the yummy golden skin of my lover, Roxy.  It’s one of hundreds of sexy shots she’s sent me in the last 365 days.  She is so generous with herself and I am just one of the luckiest guys ever to be on the receiving end of her love.




And to wrap this up, something Butchtastic.  Besides sex, love and relationships, I’ve written a lot about gender and identity this year.  This is an ongoing process, I don’t think I’ve really come up with a nutshell description of how I relate to gender and maybe I never will.  I do know that a lot of smart people are writing a lot of interesting, smart things about gender and I’m happy to be able to learn from them.  In the coming year, I’ll continue to explore and write about these topics.  And post crotch shots, cuz the 14 year old boy in me just can’t help himself.


















Happy New Year and Happy HNT everyone :-) .  May your 2010 be filled with joy, love, sex and satisfaction.

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