Half-Nekkid Thursday : Us

I love the way she sees me, sees us.  Whether through her eyes or her lens, she finds the beautiful, funny, gorgeous, interesting, sexy … and when she can, she captures it in digital amber.


And sometimes, when I should be holding my pose so she can snap the shot, I’ll give into an impulse:  to make a goofy face, or kiss her, or nibble something tasty like that sweet ear only inches from my face.

You can’t see her expression in this picture, just the smile lines gathering at the corner of her eye.. but I know, in my skin and bones, exactly which smile is spread across her face, like sunshine at the beach.  I know the way her eyes squinch shut because she’s about to burst open with happiness.  I know the smell and taste and feeling of her sweet skin against mine.   You may look at that picture and see me, but I see us.  I see joy and love and laughter and satisfaction.

I see us.


Happy HNT everyone :-)

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