Half-Nekkid Thursday : marked by love

By the time Roxy and I had left New York City last month, we’d both accumulated some evidence of our energetic enjoyment of each other.  I had a more than a baker’s dozen marks myself, and she had several.  The monster of them all, though, was the one she gave me across my shoulder and bicep.


That was the result of her mouth.  Her teeth mostly.  It started with her wanting to wrestle.. well, ‘wrassle’, actually (which is really a term I associate with crocodiles).  She didn’t want me to hold back, she wanted to go all out and see what happened.  It was a lot of fun:  grunting, laughing, cursing, struggling.  I had to use all my strength to subdue her.   Eventually, though, I had a strong grip on her wrists, and had my legs clamped around hers.  The only thing she could move easily was her head.

Did I mention she’s bitey?  Very bitey.  (remember the reference to crocodiles?)  And the only thing she could get to was my arm.   The first time she bit into my flesh, I yelled and pulled away sharply.

A renewed burst of struggling distracted me and while I was working to renew my grip on her wrists, she bit into me again, harder and longer this time.  I yelled again and growled at her, telling her to stop, or I’d punish her for it.

Well, you should know by now that’s not gonna stop her, that just spurred her on.  This continued for a while and became quite the game.

“No more biting! Stop it!”

“Ok”  with that impish grin.

“Do you understand that you are NOT to bite me anymore?” using my stern voice but having more and more difficulty not laughing outright at the mockery on her face.

“Uh huh.. I understand.”

Oh she understood alright, understood that if she started with soft lips and a warm wet tongue, she could seduce me into letting her bite me again.  And again.  And again.   What you see in that picture is the bruise at its freshest, later it turned into a monster.. apparently I have weak veins in that area.

But I did get her back, a little.. the marks I left were smaller, petite almost, but I enjoyed giving them and I believe she enjoyed receiving them.


She did get it for those bites, in case you were wondering.  In an earlier HNT, there’s a picture of me turning her over and spanking her ass.   Of course, a punishment like that is hardly going to dissuade her from biting me again.

Thank goodness.

Happy HNT everyone :-)

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