Half-Nekkid Thursday : dress up

Roxy and I dressed up for the New York Sex Bloggers Calendar Party.  Since discovering how to choose dress shirts and ties that fit me, I love finding excuses to strut my butch stuff.


And of course, I’m not completely dressed until I’ve got my cock in place and ready for anything.

Roxy had been teasing me about these stockings for weeks, telling me about them, mentioning them in such a way that I stumbled over my words, sending me pictures that made me salivate.


I’ve gotta say, the reality was even more devastating.  Her sexy legs, inside these sexy stockings, the way each stocking was like an arrow pointing to her sweet sexy pussy… oh damn.. makes my fingers twitch even now.  And she had me hook them to her garter belt for her, not something I’d ever had the opportunity to do before, and which would have been sexier if I hadn’t fumbled a bit with the first one..

Roxy, baby, thanks for going the extra mile to dress up so sexy for me, I really appreciate it and I know I’m not the only one who noticed.

Happy HNT everyone :-)

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