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♦ This Week’s Top Three Posts ♦

PresenceI wish that you would look at me now. I am willing you to look at me now, over her body, rocking with the motion of her mouth. But you do not.

Restraint“Do you like what you see?” the blonde asks. “Are you excited by what’s before you?” the redhead enquires. He nods.

What Not to FetishwearDON’T wear a PVC sleeveless vest if you fall into the rotund category. You will look like a bowling ball. With chubby arms.

â—Š e[lust] Editress â—Š

Fucking for ArtThe proximity of their nakedness and my scrutiny resulted in this beautiful agony of arousal for them both. I asked if they would feel comfortable doing some poses of vaginal penetration for me, and they readily agreed.

♦ Featured Post ♦

The Naked TruthHe didn’t just write a pretty story we could act out, he worked hard to delicately lay us out on the page together, as we are.

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