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Unfortunately, I’m going to have to start moderating all comments from here on out.  I’ve had this blog running for over a year and felt comfortable until recently with letting people comment freely.  Sadly, one rotten apple is spoiling the fun.  There is someone who seems determined to shit on my virtual home.  Not only does this asshole want to put me down, insult and twist my words and generally act superior, but the other day decided to attack on a more personal level.

I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, as long as they are respectful.   However, I will not publish disrespectful, insulting or threatening comments.  If you’re interested in a dialog on polyamory, kink, gender, sex and queerness, I’m all for it.  If you’re just going to threaten and insult me and the people I love, you’re not going to find an outlet here.

The overwhelming majority of the comments I’ve gotten and the conversations I’ve had in email, have been positive, respectful and interesting.  A big thank you to all who have been supportive.  I’d appreciate it if you’d continue 🙂

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