Top 100 Sex Bloggers List

I was surprised and thrilled to see myself on the Top 100 Sex Bloggers List posted on Between My Sheets, at number 70 to be exact.  Much thanks to the judges who took time to read and judge the blogs.  I appreciate the recognition.

Looking over the list, I’m happy to see many friends there:  BadBadGirl (4), Thursday’s Child (8), Sinclair Sexsmith (10), Natt Nightly (13),  Lilly (19),  Nadia (20), Essin Em (25), That Toy Chick (33), Coy Pink (37), the Perverted Negress (59), Wilhemina (64), Amber (66), Scarlet St Syr (75), Bad Influence Girl (80), Diva (81), Raven Quince (82), Vanilla Impaired (84), Panthera Pardus (87),  Roxy (92).

It’s a great list and even though there are bloggers missing that I’d have included, it’s a wonderful way to discover new blogs.    Congrats to all who were celebrated on this list.

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