swim with me

we were swimming in clear warm waters

playing, laughing

innocent clarity in our love

we explored colorful reefs and sandy bottoms

excited, joyful

there seemed no limit to what we could do

we came into a place of strong currents

muddy, obscured

it was harder to see you, but I held on tight

there were others swimming close by

with, around

we let them in, grew farther apart

the current became stronger, pulling me away

fearful, desperate

I reached out for you, fingertips brushing

I looked again for our clear warm waters

seeking, hoping

it was hard to find, a second time

but you came back, shy smile, wondering

hoping, loving

I reached out for you, our hands clasping

drawing you to me, come swim with me, love

closer, deeper

to explore the waters of our future, together

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