Microfantasy Monday, week 56 : Etiquette

Thanks as always to Ang, the Sweltering Celt, bringer of weekly Microfantasy Monday goodness.  The theme this week is Etiquette.

I was leaning against the lockers in the Senior Hall waiting for her to meet me.   My best buddy was waiting with me, also watching the far end of the hallway eagerly.  We both straightened up when they came into view, heads bowed toward each other, intent on the gossip they were sharing.  Were they talking about us?

They hadn’t looked up yet, but they knew we were watching them, it was the same everyday.  We leaned back against the lockers again, slouching in carefully arranged nonchalance intended to indicate our indifference to the slowness of their approach.  When they were finally standing in front of us, any thought of acting unimpressed vanished from my mind.  I beamed at my girlfriend and she smiled coyly up at me, tilting her head to look at me, exposing her neck.  She knew exactly how to get to me.  She stepped closer, almost too close considering how homophobic most of our schoolmates were.  She stood on her tiptoes, facing me, leaning her hip into mine with just enough pressure to inflame my groin and whispered into my ear “I want you.”

As if I didn’t know that, I thought and glanced sideways at my buddy.  She caught my glance and raised her eyebrows.

“Yes, we should be going, hmmm?  I’m sure you ladies would like some lunch.”

I said this in my best leading man voice and the girls giggled.  My buddy and her girlfriend led the way, toward the end of the hall leading to the parking lot.  I looked down at my girlfriend, smiled and put my hand lightly on the small of her back.  She shuddered lightly and looked up at me with heavy lidded eyes.  Damn, she was always ready to go and my clit throbbed in response to her unspoken words.

We made our way down the hall, my fingertips lightly stroking her lower spine.  As we reached the doorway, my buddy stepped ahead and held the door open.  As I walked through, I said, “Thank you so much, sir, you are too kind.”

“Au contraire, mi amigo, the niceties of Butch Etiquette must be observed at all times.”  Butch Etiquette was the term we’d adopted to cover behaviors ranging from holding the door and buying lunch, to teasing and thoroughly satisfying our girlfriends.

“Oh, I quite agree” and chuckled.  My girlfriend whipped her head around and wielded an arched eyebrow at me.

“Oh, yesss.. the two of you are certainly gentlemen at all times”  She rolled her eyes and looked at her counterpart, who snickered.

I feigned a shocked expression,”Are you saying we’re rude, backwoods hicks?  Perhaps you’d like to try your luck with other boyfriends”  I waved my hand at some of our peers, currently in an arm wrestling match over the hood of muscle car, surrounded by rudely encouraging onlookers.

For that I earned a punch in the arm before she tossed her hair and walked a bit more quickly to the passenger door of my car.  I caught up with her and spun her around, pressing her against the door and breathing in her ear.

“Besides.. ” lightly licking the edge of her ear,”… did I say anything about being a gentleman?”

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