Microfantasy Monday, week 53: Hot and Cold

This week’s Microfantasy Monday theme is ‘Hot and Cold‘.  Thanks as always to Miss Ang, the Sweltering Celt, for giving us the prompt and continuing our Microfantasy Monday fun.   We’ve started our second year, won’t you join us?

I’m lying spread-eagle on the bed.  She’s brought me to fiery orgasm two or three times already “to settle me down” as she puts it.  “Stay there, relax, I’ll be right back, lover” she says in a low purr that I instantly recognize.  Her voice is velvety smooth, but with a knowing bite, like a good shot of triple-distilled tequila.  She’s got something in mind, something that will torment me.  I know all that but can’t bring myself to protest or even roll over to see what she’s doing.

I hear her in the kitchen, opening the fridge.. no the freezer .. I can hear her digging into the ice cubes.. putting them into a cup or something.  Oh god..

“Lover.. I have a treat for you” she purrs into my ear, stroking my body with cold fingers and using the soft low voice that guarantees I’ll do anything she asks.

“Ungg.. baby.. damn.. that’s cold”  my protest is weak, and I don’t move to avoid her insistent touch between my legs.

“Yes, it’s cold and you’re so.. so.. hot” on the last word, she pushes an ice cube into me and my body goes rigid as the cold registers as knifing pain that eases into numbness.    Part of me wants to resist, complain, writhe away from the sensation but another more dominant desire carries the moment.   I breathe through the painful sensations and start to feel aroused.  She’s fucking me with it now, her fingers wrapped around it, pressing it into my deepest corners.   The competing sensations of pain and pleasure set my hips into motion and I begin to moan and buck into her hand.

“You are so, so hot inside, lover.. you melt this ice too quickly”  I can feel cold liquid running out of me, down my ass, puddling below me.   She pulls her fingers out, leaving me empty, hot and cold, moaning in frustration.   And then I hear her fish another piece of ice out of the cup.  I unclench my eyes and look into hers, a look of infinite patience and unyielding challenge in them.

I take a sharp breath in as she runs the ice along my outer lips, willing my eyes to stay open and lock on hers as she forces the cold into me again.

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