Getting pretty damned excited

Later this week, but not very long from now, I’ll be flying to SFO to meet up with my sweety, Roxy, so we can fly together to NYC and attend the New York Sex Bloggers Calendar release party.

I have been looking forward to attending this party since the inaugural bash last year.  Since then, I’ve formed friendships with tons of people through twitter, this blog and Fetlife.   So now, along with all the folks I was looking forward already, there are a whole lot more now.   And it’s not just the party, there are opportunities to share meals, go to shows, get drinks.  It won’t be a tourist trip filled with visits to Ground Zero, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty.  It’s people oriented rather than location oriented.

So yes, it will be a very social weekend but it will also be a chance for some private time with my lovely Roxy.  We haven’t seen each other in 5 months.   Just let that sink in for a moment.   The last five months have been really challenging and not just because we’ve been apart.  She’s been going through some seriously difficult times.  I’ve had plenty going on as well.   There have been other relationships adding to the mix.

But next Thursday, when I get off a plane at SFO, it’s just going to be about her and I.  It feels almost as if our relationship is undergoing a rebirth, or maybe it’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes of hard times and difficult conversations.   I do know it’s good right now, it’s really, really fantastically good.  I’m really looking forward to showing her off in front of our friends and acquaintances, “See this woman?  This hot, amazing, talented, wonderful woman?  She’s my girlfriend and I’m in love with her.  And I’m a lucky, lucky dawg to be with her.”

The countdown is on … less than four days until Kyle meets Roxy, again.

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