Artfully Re-Rendered

Under the influence of Roxy, I’ve learned to be comfortable, even happy, with a camera lens pointed at me.  She’s taught me to look at myself and see what she sees — beauty, strength, humor, joy.   You’ve seen the product of her work over and over again here and on her blog.

Recently a twitter friend, Susan Fox, asked if she could use one of those pictures as the model for her art.  I was thrilled and intrigued.  I went over to look at her twitpics to see examples of her work.. well, goll darn it, she’s a real sho-nuff artist.   So I said, yes, please, take any picture I’ve published and have your way with it.

She chose the picture I’m currently using as my Twitter avatar and this is the result of her artistic endeavors:


Pretty cool, huh?  I’m looking at options for getting a copy printed cuz I think it’s that cool.

Here’s some info on the artist, and the technique she used:

  • Artist: Susan Fox
  • Age: 21
  • Time doing art: From the age of three, but in true practice, from 11 I took art classes and honed my skills.
  • Degree in Fine Arts from the Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA, with a focus in acrylics.
  • Art types: I enjoy doing fantasy art mostly, but I am working on perfecting painting people. I work on commission, or as inspiration hits me.
  • Tools of my trade: Acrylics, oil, and Photoshop CS3 with my handy Wacom Tablet.
  • If you’d like a commission of your own, email me at , or you can find me on twitter as @SusanFox
  • Art was done with acrylic paint in a criss-cross like pattern for texture. I then scanned it and did some work in photoshop to finalize it 🙂

Here’s the original photo, taken by Roxy after the Hypergender Burlesque show, QTopia, in New York City on 11/7/2009.


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