Microfantasy Monday, week 51 : Fear

This week’s Microfantasy Monday theme is ‘Fear‘.  Thanks as always to Miss Ang, the Sweltering Celt, for giving us the prompt and continuing our Microfantasy Monday fun.

She left me on my knees, blindfolded, my wrists secured behind my back.  My sight gone, I listened for any clues that would tell me what to expect next.  I heard Her drag something heavy across the carpet, furniture.. a chair?  She walked past me, I inhaled Her scent eagerly and heard the soft sound of Her silky nightgown as it flowed over Her skin.  Then She was in front of me, leaning down toward me, Her hair brushing my bare shoulder as She kissed my cheek lightly.

“I have a special surprise for you, girl” Her voice purred in my ear, a soft, dangerous tone, quiet and sure of the power She held.  “What do you say, girl?”

“Thank You, Sir” my voice betrayed me in its mixture of excitement and nervousness.  I knew my Master too well, knew the full range of possibilities for ‘surprises’ She was capable of presenting to me.  She knew my secret desires, what I craved and what frightened me the most.

“I will be back in a moment.  You will not move from this spot, no matter what, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, i understand.”

I heard the door close, heard her moving around in the other room, talking, on the phone I assumed.  My mind was scrambling over various scenarios, trying desperately to subdue the fear growing in me.  If I could figure out what She was planning, I could mute some of the panic rising in my chest.  Or so I thought.  I’m sure it was only minutes, but it seemed like longer and then there was a knock on the door in the next room.  I jolted into full attention having fallen into a meditative state.

The door opened, She was speaking softly to someone with a deep male voice.  I couldn’t hear what they were saying, just the rhythm of their voices.  The door to my room opened again, a shot of adrenaline went through me.  My mind raced. Was he with Her now?  Had he left and I just didn’t hear the other door close?  I was suddenly acutely aware of my nakedness, felt a hot blush grow across my face and chest.  Panic rose in me and I had struggled to keep myself still, rooted on the spot as She’d ordered.  I heard a creaking from somewhere in front of me, someone sitting in a chair? At the same time I felt Her hands on my hair, gripping it and pulling my head back.  Oh, god, he was here, sitting in front of me, seeing me like this, who was it?  A powerful mixture of fear and anticipation caused me to shudder and squirm.

She chuckled, “Mmmm, girl, do you know what your surprise is yet?”  She gave my hair a tug, urging me to walk forward on my knees, “Well, you’ll know soon enough.. there’s someone here I want you to meet.”

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