Half-Nekkid Thursday : fit to be tied

I’ve been practicing with my TwistedMonk rope kit, which comes with an instructional DVD.   I really enjoy working with this hemp rope, it smells good, it feels good and, well, I think it’s sexy.  I had previously worked on the single-limb cuff tie, using my own right wrist and have gotten fairly adept at that (and can only hope I’d be faster and more secure tying it on someone else).  So tonight I wanted to work on the two-column tie, using my ankles but first wanted to make sure I could get my purdy rope back into a tidy bundle so I watched the video on rope handling techniques and practiced the chain knot.


I’ve gotten pretty quick with it, and it was nice to handle the rope and become more confident with it.

Then it was time to have some real fun.


Now, I would have preferred to practice on a willing vict.. uh, partner other than myself, but I can’t let lack of a rope buddy stop me.  So I practiced that tie a few times getting more and more confident.  This is a tie that’s easy, fast and secure.


Happy HNT everyone :-)

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