Butchtastic Contest Entry #1, from Sweetspiced

On twitter, she’s SweetSpiced and she’s got a little place in blogland called Sweet Spiced, Naughty and Nice.  She was the grand prize winner in my Butchtastic First Birthday Contest and here’s her contest entry, a fantasy accounting of when we first meet.

I shifted nervously on the bar stool, feeling completely out of my comfort zone. I gulped down a bit more of the margarita barely tasting it, needing the rush. It was one thing to flirt with someone online, and totally different to be meeting them in person. Plus I really wasn’t sure what I would feel when he arrived. I had no experience even though I found him sexy and scintillating. It was that wit that always got me, the quirky sense of humor with a very twisted mind. That was what drew me to him in the first place.

I watched the door anxiously, my foot and fingers both tapping. At least there was music to keep me diverted somewhat. A surge of people came in all at once, tumbling in out of the cold night air. Was that him, there? He’d dressed up for me. I was not the femme to his butch, which made me even more anxious. I was more the no-fuss kind of girl. But I had at least put on lipstick and a little mascara. I wish I was more in touch with the girly stuff. Too late to leave now, he’d spotted me. There was that smile, from across the room he pulled me in again. I smiled back, suddenly feeling better.

He seemed to push through the crowds easily, making his way toward me, I though about hopping down from the stool but just waited. As he moved in front of me I whispered a shy “Hey,” unable to keep the smile from my lips. I felt unsure but obviously Kyle did not. Leaning down he pressed a kiss to the corner of my mouth. A light kiss, almost but not quite just-friends. My hands moved out, I had no control over them, reaching out to touch his arms. I looked into his eyes, letting him know I was completely into wherever the night might lead.

Kyle smiled at me, as if we had all the time in the world. “Well pretty lady, shall we dance?” Stepping back he held out his hand and as I slid from the stool I realized that even without makeup and girly clothes, I suddenly felt girly. I moved with him to the dance floor and stepped in close, letting the music move me as we began the courtship dance. I could see by the gleam in his eyes that he was enjoying this teasing, the subtle brush of his body against mine.

I felt warmth slide through me as I turned with the music, pulling his hands around me as we danced, my back to his front. He pulled me closer, lips brushing my neck, teeth tugging on my ear as leaned back. Together we danced, letting the music and the night take us into a realm of heat and desire. I pulled his hand up to kiss it, nibbling his fingers and feeling my lips curl up as I heard the growl behind me.

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