Butchtastic Birthday Contest Update

We’re half way through the Butchtastic First Birthday contest and I have received lamentably few entries.  Seriously people, what’s the deal?  You all waiting until the last minute or something?

If you missed the original announcement, these are da rulz:

There are two ways to enter the contest.   The winner will be chosen through a random drawing.  Tabu Toys will send a LELO: Gigi – Deep Rose G-Spotter to the winner.


1) write a short, short story about meeting me.. and by short I mean in the range of 500 words or less.  Creativity, humor and sexiness will be greatly appreciated :-)  (for those of you who *have* met me, you can write about the factual or a fictional meeting).


2) create a vagina sculpture/representation using any materials you choose.. legumes, cloth, bread dough, beads, whatever, and send me a picture.

If you’d like to write something and send me a picture of your sculpture, I’ll enter you in the contest twice (limit two entries per person).  I’ll also be selecting my favorite prose and picture entries to highlight on my blog after the contest is over.

All entries should be emailed to me at kyle_style5000@live.com with “First Birthday Contest” in the subject line.  If you send your story or picture to me, I’ll assume you don’t mind me posting it and crediting it to you.  Make sure to send me your blog url if you have one so I can pimp it for you.

You’ve got another week, well, slightly less than a week.  I’ll accept entries until start of business on Friday, 10/16 (and when is ‘start of business’ you ask?  Business time is whenever I say it is and not a moment later 😉  )

Ok, now you know what to do.. I’ll go back to watching my inbox .. refresh.. refresh.. refresh….

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