Butchtastic Birthday Contest Update : we can haz another prize!

Christina from Tabu Toys and I were talking about the contest and I was bemoaning the low volume of contest entries (only 6 so far).  I thanked her for tweeting and re-tweeting about the contest and posting information on the Tabu Toys forums.  And I wondered if having another prize might sweeten the pot a bit for the procrastinators.

And you know what the fabulous Christina said?  She said, no problem, let’s have another prize, the Black Velvet Vibrating Harness.

So there you have it, I have two prizes to give away, the LELO Gigi and the Black Velvet Vibrating Harness.   I’ll be drawing two names and the first person will have their choice of prizes.

You’ve got until Friday morning, people.  As I said, there are only six (6) entrants currently, so there are still plenty of chances for latecomers to swoop in and get a prize.

For details on entering, see my Butchtastic First Birthday Contest post.  And please don’t be intimidated.. a few paragraphs is all you need for the written entry, and the ‘sculpture’ can also be very simple.

Thanks, y’all

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