Microfantasy Monday, week 47 : Frustration

This week’s Microfantasy Monday theme is ‘Frustration‘.  Thanks as always to Miss Ang, the Sweltering Celt, for giving us the prompt and continuing our Microfantasy Monday fun.. and thanks to that anonymous smart person who gave her the idea 😉

I watch as the words on the screen appear, the next installment in the scene she and I are building together.  The rest of the room falls away and I’m in that park with her.  She’s bent over the picnic table and I’m working to get my jeans open.  The whole scene fills my mind.. birds singing overhead, the rustle of a towhee under some bushes nearby.. the scent of recent summer rainfall.. the distant sounds of traffic.  A few more words appear, her skirt up to her waist line, her panties hurriedly pushed down to her ankles.. my cock ready to enter her.. she types words describing the flowing wetness awaiting me.

With a jolt, the room reappears with the sound of my phone ringing.  ‘Dammit’ I curse under my breath, typing her a quick apology and promise to ‘brb’.  I can barely concentrate enough to hear the words coming from the other end of the phone line.  I’m sure all the blood in my body is concentrated on my groin, providing the bass line now thudding through my clit.

I hang up and look back at the screen.  She had to go too, only had time for a quicky before her meeting.  I feel the frustration and longing well up in me. Ohgawd, she was so close, I could feel her, smell her desire.  I could hear her moaning, saying my name.  She was right there before reality intruded, butting its ugly head in to remind me that she’s hundreds of miles and hours of driving away.

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