I received a book on knots recently and have been eager to get into it.  I’ve been fascinated by ropes, knots and binding since attending SEAF and watching Monk stage multiple scenes over the course of the evening.  It was technical, it was artistic, he and his models were sexy and fun — so it definitely hit multiple pleasure centers for me.

The book I got, Handbook of Knots (expanded edition) by Des Pawson, is not a book on BDSM rope bondage techniques, but rather a general purpose book on knots.  And that’s what I wanted to start with, because for years I’ve felt a bit inferior for not knowing much past the basic slip and square knots.  Knots are useful, in all kinds of ways and I pride myself on being a handy butch, so this is a skill I’m happy to acquire.  Eventually I hope to get some nice rope, something like the sweet silky bondage rope Holden talks about in his post, Rope Begins.

I don’t know the methodology yet, but I can close my eyes and daydream about black rope against sweet smooth skin.. my lover’s arms pulled up over her head, exposing her gorgeous body to me.. leaving her vulnerable to my desires.. mmmmm..

… rope turns me on

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