Half-Nekkid Thursday : whiskers

My chin started growing hairs when I was in my late 20s, beginning with a tufted cluster of light colored follicles sprouting from the right side of my chin.   I can remember comparing this growth with another friend who had a tuft growing from her chin on the opposite side.

By the time I reached my mid 30s, some of the hairs had migrated to the other side of my chin and all were  becoming darker.  For a while, I had it waxed off, along with my ever-darkening mustache.  I was going through a somewhat more feminine identity phase at that point.  Once I got into my early 40s, I started letting it grow out again and not long after that, rediscovered my butch destiny.

At this point in my life, I’m happy with my wee beard, growing on the edges of my chin in shades of auburn, brown and the occasional white whisker.  My mustache has stayed fairly light and grows long enough to curl around into the corners of my mouth sometimes.  I keep them trimmed with a small pair of barber shears most of the time, letting it all grow out occasionally to see if it’s gotten any thicker or darker, or if the ratio of dark to white has changed.  I enjoy rubbing on it when I’m thinking, especially when it’s bristly with a couple days of growth.


I’ve tried a number of times to snap shots of my ‘beard’ but it’s an elusive sort of beast, the flash of my camera tends to render it invisible.  Those of you with more facial hair may be chuckling a bit at my celebration of this minimal chin fringe, but this little gender marker, along with my daily packing, gives me a boost, puts a little more swagger in my stride and gives the people I see day-to-day something to wonder about.

Happy HNT everyone :-)

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