Half-Nekkid Thursday : getting knotty

 For this week’s HNT, I feature my wrist knotted up in a Single Limb Cuff… or an approximation thereof. 


It’s lacking in art, but it quite secure.   I learned this tie by watching the TwistedMonk video a few times.  The other tie I’m working on is a Two Column Tie.  The TwistedMonk videos are great and I’ve decided to go for it and order a rope kit, which comes with the instructional DVD.  I’ve also been talking to a friend of my wife’s who’s also interested in getting started with rope bondage so we’ll be figuring out some times to hang out and tie each other up. 

Yes, I’ve become a baby rope geek and I’m having a great time already. The 100 ft of white poly clothesline I bought this weekend has been cut into some smaller pieces already and these can be found throughout the house, wherever I tend to hang out:  several on and around my desk, one in the living room near my recliner.  A short one in my bike bag so I can do knots while I’m at work.   Of course, I’ll have more fun as my skill level increases and I have the chance to try these pretty knots on someone other than myself.  And, being a geek who loves acquiring accessories, I’m already salivating over the pretty colored hemp rope advertised on TwistedMonk.com…. Envy Green, Statutory Grape, Sex & Violet.. oh what fun.. makes me giggle from the belly thinking about it.


Happy HNT everyone :-)

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9 Responses to Half-Nekkid Thursday : getting knotty

  1. Roxy says:

    Damn, this gets my mind, and my heart, racing. The thought of you with a rope in hand is enough to give a girl the vapors…but then a picture of you bound with that same rope…


    Is it November yet?

    hmmm.. I bet I could tie us to each other..

  2. pixie says:

    mmm damn i just lovelove rope!

  3. mina says:

    rope is so much fun! HHNT

  4. I always wanted to learn how to tie knots like that

  5. Indeed! I’ve always been fascinated by the pics of women tied up and suspended from the ceiling. There is something highly erotic about the way ropes can change the shapes of bodies and segregate them into parts of a whole. Looking forward to your more extensive rope knowledge! 😉

  6. Rope is so fun. Great pic. Happy HNT!

  7. PinkVixxxen says:

    Gotta love a kinky HNT!!

  8. Amber says:

    Well I’m glad you can do it on yourself. I might have to make use of that. 😉

  9. Em says:

    You’ve been tagged! Even though I think you’ve done this already.

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