Taking Roxy

He walked her up to her hotel room, having flashed a charming grin and offering safe travel and a goodnight kiss.  Once her card opened the door, however, he showed a different side.  Pushing her through the door, so that she stumbled into the bed, he quickly closed the door behind him and closed on her.  Pushing her face down into the hotel bedspread before she could recover, he lifted her skirt and delivered six solid blows to her plush ass.  She cried out, once, before he reached up and clamped his free hand over her mouth, squeezing her jaw shut.  She tried to strike him, scratch him but he seemed impervious.

He pulled her off the bed and threw her against the wall, surely startling the neighbors who would nevertheless probably  not complain.  She was stunned for a moment and then opened her mouth as if to scream.  He raised his hand quickly, as if to strike her across the face and when she flinched, his knuckles struck her breast instead.  She cried out, more softly this time and he raised his hand again, and bared his teeth at her, with a growl.  With dark, narrowed eyes, he stared her down, then laid the back of his hand gently against her cheek.

“Next time, I’ll  hit you right here, and it’d be a shame to mark that pretty face.”

She didn’t answer, just stared at him with huge, dark eyes.  He gripped her wrists, squeezing them tighter and tighter until she began to raise up on her toes and wince with pain.   Only then did he lighten his grip, pulling both hands above her head, and holding them with his left.

His right hand reached down to his belt, unbluckling it with a quick, practiced motion.  He pulled his fly apart one button at a time, staring into her eyes, seeing the way they flickered downward, then back up at his.  The corner of his mouth quirked into a slight grin, he was enjoying this, enjoying her.  Her breathing was still a bit fast, he was sure her heart was pounding.  He pulled his stiffened cock from his briefs and gave a small sigh of relief.    Reaching up, he took one of her hands and lowered it, placing her palm on his cock, then wrapping her fingers around it.

“Tell me you want me.  Tell me you want my cock.  Feels good, doesn’t it?”

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