Microfantasy Monday, Weeks 38,39: Teacher + Ceremony

I missed my first Microfantasy Monday last week because my wee Spawn2 had just been born… I know, weak excuse, but Ang said it was ok.  So this week, I’m going to combine both themes.. Teacher from Week 38 and Ceremony from this week.

I tossed my cap and gown in the first trashcan I could find outside the gymnasium.  The ceremony was over and there were more important things on my mind than hanging around with my classmates as they congratulated themselves and got pictures taken with their parents.

I jogged across the commons, into the hallway that housed the math classes.  I ducked into Mr. Donald’s doorway just as she came around the corner down the hall from me.  I saw her go into her classroom and hurried down the hall toward her door.

She looked up in surprise as I opened the door and stepped into her classroom.  I covered the space between us quickly, took her shoulders in my hands and kissed her before she could do a thing about it.

“You don’t have to say ‘no’ any more, Ms. Smith.  I’m no longer your student.”

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