Microfantasy Monday, week 40 : Exhibitionism/Voyeurism

This week’s Microfantasy Monday theme is “Exhibitionism/Voyeurism” .. thanks to the lovely Ang, the Sweltering Celt.

This is another story involving characters from this and this previous Microfantasy Monday post, the school girl and the butch, JD.

 I pulled into the parking lot after my late lunch and there weren’t any spots left except those in the secondary parking lot.  Not that it mattered, I still had time before my next class.  Before I’d even killed my engine, some movement a couple of rows away caught my eye.  It was JD, sitting in his car, not in his history class.  Yeah, I had his schedule memorized.

At first I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, eyes closed, one hand gripping the steering wheel.  But then something in the motion of his other shoulder, the way his eyes were squeezed shut but his mouth slightly open… oh, god, is he?  Oh, fuck yeah, he was.  Jerking off right there in the parking lot.   I leaned over my steering wheel, unable to take my eyes off his face.  His neck and chest, partially visible under his button down shirt collar, were flushed.  His lips curled back suddenly and I could see the white of his teeth.  I’d seen that once before, in the back seat of his car.  The look on his face when he came.

What I was too far away to see and hear, I filled in from memory.   When he gritted his teeth like that, he was growling, grunting, his orgasm beginning to take over, bringing out his animal side.  Now his eyes opened and he stared, unseeing, at a fixed spot as the feeling rose in him.  His head went back and I remembered the high keening sound as his mouth opened and his self-control failed.  I could see his car rock and imagined his hips jerking against his hand, the hard rough way he handled himself and how hot it made me to watch.  That wail turned into a howl that I imagined I could hear, remember the way that sound went through and into me.

Hmm.. hot, yes, and wet.  I reached under my skirt and felt my own slick wetness.  Getting my hand inside my panties, I traced the path to my own orgasm, imagining his fingers doing the same, his hot slick folds and the swelling of his clit.  I remembered how he’d pushed his packing cock aside so he could pull at his little dick.  My fingers worked furiously against my own clit and my eyes lost focus for long moment.

When I opened them and looked in his direction, I was shocked to find his eyes looking directly at me.  He was giving me that look, the one that made my knees weak, a cocky half smile on his lips as he watched me make myself come.  I was panting, recovering, flush and sweating and he smiled again, bigger this time.  Then he lifted his hand to his mouth and elaborately licked his fingers, sucking his own moisture from them, his eyes on mine the whole time.  I shuddered and looked around suddenly, remembering where we were, hoping desperately no one else had seen. 

I gave him a ridiculous look of stern reproach, not even believing it myself and knowing full well he’d be laughing at me by now.  I gathered my things, got out of the car and straightened my skirt, looking to see if I had come marks anywhere.  I looked back at him and he was leaning against his car, that smug, satisfied grin on his face.  He tipped an imaginary hat to me and I froze for a moment before turning heel and making my way quickly toward the school.


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