Honest Scrap

Honest Scrap Award

Tag, I’m it!  The lovely Roxy at Uncommon Curiosity has named me, along with 9 others, Honest Scrap (I’m really relieved it wasn’t Honest Crap).

There are three rules for this award:

First, link back to the person who gave you the award:  my gorgeous girlfriend and all around awesome person, Roxy.


Next, give the award to ten other bloggers:

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10 honest things about me

1. favorite ice cream dessert:  Tillamook vanilla bean ice cream, a few spoonfuls of chunky peanut butter and chocolate syrup

2. I enjoy flights that stop over at the Salt Lake City airport, because I can get Polygamy Porter at a brew pub there.

3. In the morning, on work days, I shower without any lights on, I also don’t have my contacts in yet, so I’m pretty much showering blind

4. I came out to my parents as a lesbian when I was 17 years old.. they sent me to a shrink.  I only went once, I knew I wasn’t having a ‘sexual identity crisis’

5. I have a soldering iron, and I know how to use it

6. O’Reilly Books once paid me to serve as technical reviewer on a software development book

7. I love Sweet Tarts and all manner of tart candy.. a love I’ve passed on to my eldest daughter, Spawn1

8. I have wiggly feet.  It’s not conscious but it’s almost constant.  My toes flex, my heels bounce, like they’re playing along to music only I can hear (although most of the time I’m not consciously aware of the music either).  My wife enjoys teasing me about it, because I literally can’t keep them still.  I can remember way back in high school, when I was learning how to type, I’d be in other classes and I’d ‘type’ the words I heard or read with my toes.

9. Like many other writers of all kinds, I have a fiction story on the back burner that I’d like to turn into a published book someday. 

10. my ass is a complete whore (ok, that isn’t a revelation, but it is honest)

Ok.. if I’ve tagged you, I want to hear back from you when you post, don’t make me get my belt out >;-)

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