Hello Friday…

Yes, it’s Friday once again and I’ve managed to survive without eating anyone’s brains.. though mine have threatened to curdle more than once. Baby V seems determined to grow at an insane rate, sometimes feeding once an hour for a few hours. She doesn’t have a set schedule though, which results in an exhausted Mrs. Kyle and a very tired Kyle. My job is changing diapers and burping, when I’m home. If V wakes up after we’ve gone to bed, I put on my glasses, fetch her from the bassinet at the foot of our bed and take her out to the living room for a diaper change. Then it’s back to bed with Mrs. Kyle and a feeding that could go on for a while. I try to go back to sleep, but it doesn’t always work.

And I am working full time again, which is where the brain curdling comes in. I’m a software developer by trade, but I’m doing analyst work during the first part of this project. I miss coding, a lot. The days go by much more slowly without coding. And since I’m sleep deprived, that means most days find me almost comatoasted in the mid afternoon.

So thank gord it’s Friday and I get to sleep in a little tomorrow morning. But just a little, cuz we’re havin a partay tomorrow. It’s a Welcome Baby party in honor of little Miss V. We’ve got friends coming from all walks of life as well as nearby family members. And I have two very special friends coming up from Southern Oregon: Amber and Emmett. I won’t have a chance to go off and spend private time with Amber, but we’re both excited to have the chance to see each other at all. This will only be the second time we’ll be together in RL and during our first encounter, we didn’t take nearly enough advantage of our opportunity. In fact we tease each other over how silly it was that we didn’t take advantage of each other more. I’m sure being in proximity with each other and unable to do anything about it is going to drive us both crazy so that the next time we meet, the fire will be lit.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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