Half-Nekkid Thursday : challenge

Although there is plenty of seriousness in my relationship with Roxy, there is also a lot of play.  One of the games we like to play is one where she challenges me to do something, and then I go do it*.  These challenges have been increasing in difficulty and so we have the one she proposed for me a couple of days ago.


In case you can’t tell what this is a picture of, I’ll tell you.  It’s a controller for a buzzy toy tucked into the waist band of my shorts.  Specifically, it’s the BNaughty Bullet Vibe that I reviewed a while back.

Yesterday she asked me if I had a bullet vibe, something that could be controlled from a remote control.  Yes, I said.  Bring it tomorrow.  Ok, I said, feeling a bit of trepidation.  Make sure you bring your bluetooth phone headset, she said.  I will, I said, a picture beginning to form in my mind.   Then she confirmed my guess.  I was to insert the bullet vibe before my bike ride home, then call her and keep her on the line as I rode home.  There were a number of technical challenges, which I was able to meet after a couple of false starts.

I got her on the phone, got the bluetooth in place on my ear and started off down the road.

“So, is it on?” she asked, ever so sweetly.

“Not yet, I was waiting for your instructions” I responded a bit tersely, she told me later I sounded sexily annoyed.

“I want you to count down.. from 100 or 10 or whatever..”

I asked for clarification, it was one of those garbled bluetooth moments.

“I want you to countdown, you know, like at a shuttle launch?” Her tone of voice suggested that perhaps I lacked the mental aptitude to do such a simple task.

So I counted down, “5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. On!” and the vibrator tucked inside me came to life, causing a small squeel (not from the device).

“So…? ” She asked, expectently.

“It’s … interesting… ” I was apparently not enthusiastic enough.

“Just ‘interesting’?” she asked.

“Well, it’s just at one so far.”

“What?  Well, then, turn it up a couple,” she gave the order with a bit of impatience, using her “talking with a slow child” voice.

As ordered, I clicked it up to position 3.  My “oohs” and “aahhhs” and “fuck fuck fucks” were transported through the miles to her ear, where they elicited appreciative chuckles and encouragement.  It was at first not entirely unpleasant, but not completely pleasant either.   I was plugged with this small egg shaped thing while sitting on a small platform while pedalling down the bike path.   Oh, joy.

Not long after, she had me increase the vibration to position 5, the maximum.

Ok, yeah, that made it much better, plus I figured out that when I was coasting, I could lean forward and get into an even more stimulating position.   Soon I was grunting and moaning and Roxy seemed very pleased, even ecstatic.  Eventually it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to ride all the way home without relieving some tension.  I made a comment about finding some place to ‘take care of business’ and Roxy enthusiastically agreed.  She encouraged me in the strongest terms to do just that.  She does love to listen to me come.

As I continued on down the road, I began to consider various candidate locations.  Finding a spot where I could duck behind some trees, I got down to the serious business of self-pleasure.

Roxy listened as I jerked off for her, encouraging me, cheering me on, praising me.   When I was done, a bit wobbly-kneed and messy-handed for my efforts, she let me in on a little secret:

She was shocked and surprised that I’d actually gone through with it.

“But I said I would.”

“I know but, well, it was a bit irresponsible of me to give you such an outrageous task.. what if  you’d fallen off your bike, or gotten so distracted you weren’t paying attention to traffic?”

She explained that she’d figured I’d try but that it would be technically undoable for one reason or another, or that I’d find riding a bike with a bullet vibe inside my cunt too painful, or uncomfortable, or whatever.  I rode for about 2 miles like that.

“Oh, wow, really?  You didn’t think it was doable?  I thought it’d be challenging but you asked me to do it, so of course I was going to do it if it was at all possible,”  I paused, “Wow, you have a scary amount of suggestive power over me, don’t you?” I could hear her toothy, wolfish grin through the miles that separated us.

She responded with a dark chuckle of agreement and told me that she’d have to give some serious thought to my next challenge.  Oh, damn, poor, poor Kyle (very big grin).

(*and yes I do know that often these kinds of games and relationships often go by a special name that has a couple of letters with a slash between them… but we just call it “Roxy tells Kyle to do something hard/challenging/humiliating and he goes and does it as best he can cuz he loves his Roxy so so much” .. which is a lot longer than the term with the two letters and the slash between it, so it must be better)

Happy HNT everyone :-)

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