BBG Contest Wish List

Big Bad Girl is having a really Big Bad Contest in honor of her third blog anniversary.  Part of the fun is creating a wishlist at eXtremeRestraints.  At her repeated urging  (she really is quite persistant), I spent some time last night perusing and created a wishlist.  I spent some time lookng at nipple toys, impact toys and the medical fetish area (for *someone* I know).  My wish list is heavy in buttplugs, impact and bondage items.

Wishlists like that are fun to create because you can ignore restraints like money and space.  As with many sex toy online catalogs, the dildo and harness pages were a slight disappointment to me because they used all straight looking models.  I’d love to see a butch woman modeling a strap-on occasionally.

And, if you’re interested in seeing what’s on my list so far, wish list.

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