Bad Bad Girl’s Bad Bad Anniversary Contest

Since she’s been twisting the hell out of my arm on Twitter and because I’m supposed to be nice to girls… and I’m worried she’ll kick my ass in November when we meet.. I’m gonna tell you all about BBG’s Blog Anniversary Contest. 

From her post on the contest:

I can’t believe it’s been three years.  That’s a lot in sexblogger years.  It’s with the patience, love and pervi-ness of my readers and friends that I keep coming back.

Sometimes I think I’m the luckiest chick in town that I have fantastic companies who trust my judgment, send me free stuff, and even pay me a little bit of cash for my opinion.  So in celebration of this momentous occasion, I want to celebrate by giving away a lot of stuff.  A LOT.

I haven’t been in the sex blogger business even a year yet, so I’m a baby compared to BBG.  She was one of the first sex bloggers I started reading and when I got into Twitter, she became a flirting mainstay.  She writes some of the sexiest, hottest, woody-inducing stories and I’m really looking forward to finally meeting her in NYC for the Sex Bloggers Calendar Party in November.
So.. details of her contest

The Big Bad Anniversary Contest-Drawings

I’ll be having 4 drawings, and one grand prize.  The Big Bad Contest Drawings will be out of one pool of entries and the Grand Fucking Prize will be from a different pool of entries (and detailed in another post all together) sponsored by

See, I’m easy.  (As if you didn’t know!!)  I MAY add a third way half way thru, stay tuned for that!


How to get an entry (you can do both):

1. Post the details of the contest on your blog, saying something wonderful about me along with the list/links of prizes up for grabs.  You will need this paragraph (from ‘Drawings’ to the last prize).  (you must leave me a comment here so I know you did it)

2. Email me a picture wishing me a happy blog anniversary I will post it on my anniversary.  badbadgirlx (at) gmail (dot) com  (Nudity is greatly appreciated)

See, I’m easy.  (As if you didn’t know!!)  I MAY add a third way half way thru, stay tuned for that!

Here’s the things up for grabs and the fantastic vendors who are supplying some of the best, coolest and my favorite items.  (see her blog entry for the list)

So I’ve done 1) .. and I’m also gonna do 2) cuz I have an idea for a picture I think she’ll like. 

Happy anniversary, BBG darling  😀


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