Our New Arrival

Yesterday evening, 7/26/09 at 6:01 pm, my wife gave birth to our family’s newest addition, a beautiful, blond baby girl.  She was 8 lbs and 20 inches at birth.  My wife was a total superstar, dealing with pain from a nerve pinch that limited her ability to move and labor effectively.  We went into the hospital around 9 pm on Saturday the 25th and left this evening around 8 pm.  There was about 9 hours of hard labor but when it came time to push, Mrs. Kyle was a champion, and it was all over in about an hour and a half.


I’ll happily write more later, after some time and sleep.  I’ve received a huge outpouring of support and love from my twitter friends and Roxy has been wonderful in capturing all of it for me to enjoy when I have the time.  Roxy has been my rock, supporting and encouraging me and taking on the role of my communications officer in passing on information as I texted her and posting here on my behalf.  Thank you, baby, I love you.


photo credit to family friend, WB

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