Microfantasy Monday, week 37: heavy lifting

Ang at Sweltering Celt has given us the theme for our Microfantasy Monday posts this week — Heavy Lifting.  This is also part of a series of fantasy meetings between myself and Roxy.. this is #9 or #10.  Enjoy….


Most of the pile of stone blocks had been turned into a low stone wall by the time the sun pushed away from the trees and began to shine directly on him.  He pulled off his ballcap and shook out his hair, sweat droplets flying, then went back to his task.  The stack of stone kept shrinking 20 pounds at a time as he expertly placed each one to form a border around the rose garden.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her approaching, carrying a tall glass of something cold in her hand.  Damn, she was nice to look at. Tight, light-blue tank top straining to contain her ample bosom, strong, sexy legs displayed nicely by her shorts, and eyes that drew his gaze away from everything else.  He continued to watch her approach as he dropped another stone block, then pulled his hand back suddenly and howled.

“oh, fuck, goddamned motherfucking son of a bitch, shit shit fuck…” continuing in this vein, he held his hand close to his chest, face red with pain and anger at himself.  “Shi.. I’m sorry ma’am.. I don’t mean to curse like that in front of you but I just smashed my finger”  He closed his eyes and steadied his breathing.  When he opened them, she had put the glass down and was standing in front of him.

“Here, let me see.. “  she held out her hands to him, soft hands that he could easily imagine on his body.  He shuddered and got cross with himself, God, do you ever not think about sex?

“Um, no, that’s ok.. I’ll be fine.” He said it a bit gruffly, eyebrows pulled together crossly because what he wanted most right now was for her to touch him. “Almost done here.”

“Ok, tough guy, just let me look, maybe you need ice or something”  she gave him a look like something his mom would, the kind of look that refused to be disobeyed.

He shrugged and pulled off his leather work gloves.  The finger was throbbing dully now, the initial shock of pain had worn off.  She took his hand in both of hers and a thrill ran through him.  Her hands were warm and gentle and her voice became almost shy when she said,”You know, when I smash my finger, I like to suck on it.  I’m not sure why, but it always feels better.  Should I do that for you?”  She held his finger in front of her mouth and looked up at him, her eyes showing a mixture of lust and apprehension, she was afraid he’d reject her.  His breath was a shallow pant and he wasn’t sure he could trust his voice, so he simply nodded in assent.

He watched as she slid his finger between her pursed lips and sighed as her tongue  danced around his fingertip.  He could feel his cock stirring and as he looked into her eyes again, saw the heat he was feeling echoed there.

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