Microfantasy Monday, week 35 : sleep

Ang at Sweltering Celt has given us the theme for our Microfantasy Monday posts this week — Sleep.


She lies beside me, silkygoldenskin lightly kissed by the morning sun.  I hold her close, nose to her spine, drinking in her scent, listening to her breathe, steadydeeprestful.  She sleeps but my restless mind and body reject further rest.  My hunger for her mutes any need for food.

I run my free hand down her body, slowly, willing her to awaken and respond.  She stirs slightly, leaning back against me, sighing in her sleep.  My fingers slide between her legs, gently pulling her thighs apart, giving me access to her slipperysoftness.  And she is a little damp, even in her slumber.  I slide my hand back up to her breasts and massage her lightly, gently, not enough to wake her.  I don’t want her to recover consciousness just yet.  She moans a little, presses harder against me, I wonder if I’ve invaded her dreams.   Her breathing quickens and I can feel her heart beating faster against my hand.  Back between her legs, I feel her wetness, she’s readying herself for me.

I slide first one finger, then another, alongside her clit, starting with light, feathery touches then on to firmer, more insistent pressure. Her hips respond to me and she rolls further onto her back, her legs opening, moaning steadily now.  I press my lips against her forehead, her cheeks, her ear.  She’s still asleep, her body responding to me as it always does, knowing how to dance with me without conscious thought.

I slip inside her, fingering her, pushingrubbingpulling against her gspot, bringing her to  shudderinggaspingwrithing climax, and still her eyes remain closed.  She relaxes into me and I pull out of her, holding her against me again, listening to her breath as I fall back into dreamland with her.

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